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The Real McCoy Janitorial Professionals specializes in all types of house cleaning services. Whether you have a large estate home or a small townhouse, The Real McCoy Janitorial Professionals customizes your house clean home professionals: cleaning program to meet your specific needs and ensure your complete satisfaction. We start with a pre-cleaning assessment on the initial visit, to determine specific tasks to be completed in each room of your house. Who doesn’t feel better coming home to a clean, organized, clutter-free house? If you’ve ever wondered if the stress you feel when your home isn’t as tidy as you’d like is all in your head, science assures us that it is not. The truth is, we feel more stressed out and anxious when our homes are messy. In her article for Psychology Today, psychologist Sherrie Bourg Carter says clutter and mess in our homes can actually play a significant role in how we feel about ourselves in our everyday lives.

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Thankfully, COIT's powerful truck-mounted cleaning system safely cleans floors, showers, and countertops by quickly removing dirt and contaminants. Our Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning process uses heat, a specialized, cleaning solution, and vacuum power to remove the dirt that homeowners can't. We complete the job with a high-pressure rinse. COIT's, professional GroutCOITColorSeal™* process puts a barrier between your grout and contaminants, helping prolong the life of the surface. Our sealant will make your grout 100% non-porous, so that stains and dirt will remain on the surface instead of being absorbed into pores. This makes your grout much easier to clean. When cleaning your colored grout, COIT uses a special pH-neutral floor cleaner that will not deteriorate the integrity of the sealer.

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We tested it on a dirty, 15-year-old rug spot cleaner, and were very impressed by the results. It looked newly bought, and the cleaned area was fresher-smelling and softer to walk on. We were also able to tackle a particularly stubborn stain with the cleaner’s, rotating attachment. It’s pricier than the Power Max, but the extra cost may be worth it if you’re looking for smart settings that can streamline the amount of manual work needed for a clean. Latest review: I have two cats and the love to lounge around on my furniture and bed. This formula is perfect for eliminating odours and stains. I used it in conjunction with my Bissell Green Spot Cleaner and it The first step in buying the right carpet cleaner for your cat’s accidents is choosing the right type of cleaner. Will you be using a carpet cleaning machine? Are you in search of spot cleaners to take care of the issue? Depending on which type of cleaner you need you’ll find several available. Let’s take a look at all the types of cleaners you can use on your carpets.



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